Our latest project is Hard Drive 13, a YouTube serial thriller. Diving deep into conspiracy theory, coverups, and internet urban legends that just might be true, HD13 is a crazy romp through the undernet.

Featuring artist Bocephus King, the music video Jesus the Bookie was shot in Vancouver's Downtown East Side, and was directed by Montage's Stephen Plitt. It has since been seen on MuchMusic.
Montage provided all editing services and color correction. 5:20

Scathed is an educational video produced by Odd Squad Productions for use in BC classrooms to warn teenagers of the dangers of crystal meth. This 25-minute film has received rave reviews and has already changed lives for the better.
Montage provided primary editing services, color correction, online editing, sound and music editing and final mix. 2:40

Super-Anon is an award-winning short film seen in over 70 festivals around the world. Directed by Stephen Plitt of Montage, it tells the tongue-in-cheek story of a support group for families of super-heroes. To date, it has won 18 awards.
Montage provided all editing services, foley, ADR, music composition, mix, and color correction. 1:22

Testimony: the Fanny Crosby Story has won six awards and has been seen on dozens of television stations. This is the story of an amazing woman of faith who was instrumental in the changing the way the world perceived the handicapped.
Testimony was written and directed by Montage's Stephen Plitt. Montage provided final online services. 45s

Human Trafficking was an informational video we did for the RCMP. It illustrates a growing problem in Canada and around the world so that officers are better prepared to deal with it.
Montage provided all concept, production, scripting, editing, color correction, final online, music composition, mixing, DVD authoring, and web encoding. 60s












Award-winning direction. That's what we're about. Our projects win critical acclaim and awards time and again. Our work has received international attention, and you'll find it to be some of the most engaging, dramatic, emotional media available today. On time, on budget.