We believe that our strongest suit is our story-telling ability. And we've got a closetful of awards to prove it.
But we're aware of your budget as well, so, if you want to cut your own film, we can act as a consultant on several levels to help your post go smoothly and economically. 
It's really easy to make expensive mistakes early in the process that are hard (expensive) to repair later. We can set you up with a professional system  and  offer technical consulting services, so that the later online session will go smoothly and quickly. Which means you save money.
We can also provide story editing services. It always helps to get a third party to look at things from a fresh point of view, but our decades of documentary and dramatic experience ensure that our consultations will be to the point, germane, and well worth it.

Talk to  us before you begin, and we'll get you going the right way from the very start.